Friday, 22 June 2018

LALALAB Photo Printing Review

As you know, I am making a scrapbook for Emily. I've previously posted about the supplies I've bought and a little flip through the book so far. Today I thought I would share where I get the photo's from. I just want to clarify that this is not a sponsored post or collaborative post in any way. I just thought I would share my experience of the app and share where I get my photo's printed.

So as you will have gathered from the title I use and app called LALALAB. I found a referral code online that allowed me £5 off my first order which I thought was a pretty good deal so I downloaded the app and set to work choosing the photo's I wanted printing. There's a couple of styles you can use from such as normal prints, vintage prints (Instagram style) and mini vintage (Instax size) and I chose mini vintage. The prints are about 26p per photo but you can get a discount if you buy in bulk. I will say that any discount codes you find don't work with the bulk box orders. There are also other things you can purchase on the app such as photobooks, magnets and cards with your photos on.

The mini vintage prints are the perfect size for my scrapbook, any bigger and I wouldn't be able to fit half as many photo's into the book and the pages could look crowded pretty quickly. You are able to edit the photo's on the app and you can choose different colours and patterns for the frame of the image and you can also add text if you wish. These are not features that I have used though, I prefer to keep the frames of the images white and then decorate them with washi tape and stickers etc once I've stuck them into the scrapbook.

The process of choosing the images is pretty simple, you just allow the app to have access to your photos and then tick the box on the photo's you want to add. I will say is it is easy to get carried away and select tonnes of your photo's but this can get quite expensive. I thought that the price per photo was a little bit expensive but I will continue to buy them as I want all the photo's to be the same in the scrapbook. The photo's do take a little while to upload once you've made all the edits and changes that you want and finalised the order so  I've found the best thing to do is just pop my phone on the side and let it do it's thing whilst I get on with whatever else is on my list of things to do (Netflix/Youtube).  

Once you order from once they provide you with a referral code allowing people who use your code to get £5 off their first order and you get £5 credit to spend on the app. If you order twice you are promoted to 'Gold' and get a percentage of your spend back in credits which you can use against future orders. 

The photo's take about a week to come as they do come from abroad but it's not an unreasonable length of time to wait. When they do arrive they come in the cutest little envelopes that have adorable little cartoons on them. I'm planning to cut some out and use them as decoration in my scrapbook! Also in the envelopes you can find a little scratch card where you scratch off the panel and enter it into the app for a chance to win a little freebie which is a nice touch!

If you want to purchase any photo's you can use my code which is PGXRVAV2. 

Have you used this app before? Where do you get your photo's printed or do you prefer to print them at home yourself? 

Love Laura xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

TAG: 10 Baby Names I Love But Won't Be Using

I've gone against the rules already with this one, I haven't been tagged to do it, I've just seen a lot of YouTubers taking part and wanted to join in too! 

Basically the rules are :
1) list 10 baby names and the reasons you love them but won't be using them 
2) tag people to take part and do the tag next.
I think that's all there is to it! 

I'm going to list 5 girls names and 5 boys names but I'm pretty sure you can list any mix up of the two or just do 10 girls or 10 boys names. The world is your oyster!

1) Everly - I really love this name, I think it is SO pretty. However. we won't be using it as we have our Emily now and Everly and Emily sounds silly together. 
2) Elodie - Can you tell I like 'E' names? I would totally use this name, I picked it when I was about 11 and said that's what I would name my daughter but my other half doesn't like it at all. Spoil sport!
3) Amelie - Again, it's a name I love but too close to Emily to name our future babies. It's also the name of the little girl I babysit so it would be a little bit weird to use it.
4) Dylan - I love boys names on girls! I think its so cool and I love the name Dylan. I wouldn't use it for a boy but I love it on a girl. Again this is another one that my other half has deemed a very stern 'NO'.
5) Emerson - Back at it again with another 'E' name. We won't be using Emerson because again, it's too similar to Emily. 

1) Noah - I LOVE this name, I love it so much. I just think it is so so sweet. However, the reason I wouldn't name any future sons this is because my mum and sister REFUSE to pronounce it properly! They both say 'knorr' like the stock cubes. Its infuriating.
2) Theo - This is another name that I really like, however it's getting quite popular these days and I work in a nursery so a lot of names get crossed off purely because I know another person with that name.
3) Ezra - I love this name and whilst it is a boys name, I did briefly consider it for Emily which is why I wouldn't use it. I'm struggling with boys names as I never entertained the thought of having a boy.
4) Elliot - I think Elliot is such a strong name and really is lovely. Again, following the 'E' name theme. However I wouldn't use it because I wouldn't want people to shorten it to 'El'. I quite like Eli though?
5) Eric - How cute is this name? It does make me think of a little old man but I think it is so so sweet! I would consider using it but I already know, without even mentioning it, that my other half would say absolutely not. Also, does anyone remember Flat Eric??

The people I am tagging to take part next are:

As you can tell I like names that are quite 'different' for girls so its a surprise really that my baby girl has such a common name. My boy choices also come across as quite unusual however, I really like traditional boys on names. I have a list of about 3 that I would use and I don't LOVE that many others so the boy list was quite tricky to write. I think I need to concentrate on a different letter of the alphabet if/when we have more children because I can't name all my children 'E' names surely?

Don't forget to send your links to me if you do this tag or have already done it! I love baby names!

Love Laura xx

Monday, 18 June 2018

Maternity Leave Bucket List

I'm coming to the last couple of months of my maternity leave and going back to work is starting to loom over me. I mean, I do like my job but I much prefer spending the days playing with my baby. With that in mind I'm aiming to make the most of the time off we have together so I've put together a little bucket list of things I want to do before I return to work. Hopefully I manage to tick off a lot of them, if not all!

1) Have a family holiday - This doesn't have to be two weeks abroad lounging on the beach (but I would love it if it was). All I want is a little trip away together as a family of three. I don't mind where we go, I just want to go somewhere.

2) Visit the beach - I can't wait to take Emily to the seaside. She's experienced sand at our local park but I want to take her to see the sea and feel proper beachy sand under her little toes!

3) Take more photographs - If you could see the camera roll on my phone you would laugh at this one, and probably roll your eyes for good measure. I take a TONNE of photo's of Emily or Emily and her Daddy. What I don't seem to have many of is photo's of the two of us, or three of us.

4) Do more activities - I love getting out little activities for Emily such as our water play or play dough (recipe coming soon). She loves exploring the different textures and I'm excited to find more fun things for us to explore. 

5) Visit my family - This isn't something I ever thought I would add to a bucket list. I love my family, I really do, but before I had Emily, one visit a year was fine for me. Now I want to see them more because I want Emily to have a close relationship with her Auntie, Uncles and Grandparents. My sister has met Emmy once when she was two months old and now shes 6 months!

I'm sure there are lots of other things I could add to this list as there are plenty of things I want to do with her but 5 is enough for now! Have you got a maternity leave bucket list? Or just one for summer? Let me know in the comment section below.

Love Laura xx

Friday, 15 June 2018

Follow Friday #4

It's that time of the week again where I share the post's I've been loving and the blogs they come from. I love writing this post almost as much as I love reading the blogs I share. I'd love for you to check them out and follow their social media too!

The first blog up this week is a blog called From Rachael Claire (blog/twitter/instagram) I've been following Rachael on Twitter for a while now and for some reason it's taken me until about a month ago to start reading her blog. If you aren't following her then you definitely should be as she has quickly become one of my favourites to read. She has a fabulous writing style which feels like chatting to an old friend. She has recently shared her blogging equipment essentials which is well worth a read!

Next up is another name you've seen on my blog recently and that is Georgia of Georgia and Stanley (blog/twitter/instagram). Georgia has recently gone self hosted and her blog is absolutely beautiful. She shares posts about motherhood and her little boy is gorgeous! Georgia has shared a recipe post for homemade meatballs which I am filing away for when I introduce proper meals to Emily instead of purees.

Another new to me blog is Mumconventional (blog/twitter/instagram) is becoming a solid favourite, one I can go back to and binge through old posts for hours (if I had hours to spend reading). Fern and her family are gorgeous, her instagram is stunning and the colour scheme in her pictures is just beautiful and more people should definitely be following her! Fern recently published a post on her blog reviewing the MyHummy Ash bear which is a white noise sleep aid and honestly I think I need one. I'd not heard too much about them before this post but I am officially convinced! Go read her post to find out more!

Last of all for this week is Mummy and Liss (blog/twitter/instagram). Zoe has a beautiful little girl and is currently pregnant with her second. Her blog is all about parenting and lifestyle which is my favourite type of blog to read. Zoe posts three times a week and you don't want to miss a single one! She has just been away on a camping trip with her family and has blogged all about it. I only wish we lived closer as I would love to take Emily there, maybe one day! 

That's all for this week but I am already looking forward to writing next weeks post. Is there anyone else you think I should be reading? Any favourite Twitter or Instagram accounts you think I should be following? Let me know in the comments below and lets share the love!

Love Laura xx

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Baby Scrapbook So Far

This is quite a photo heavy post which actually is not something I usually write. I was contemplating just letting the photo's speak for themselves but I decided I needed to write something to go with it.

You may remember some posts back I wrote a scrapbook supplies haul and in that post I mentioned I had about 40 rolls of washi tape. You will be pleased to know that that number has since doubled. I just can't help myself, I can't stop buying it! I think I need to attend some Washi Tape anonymous sessions. As you can see from the photo's though, I do use it on every page. I use it to decorate the photos, create lift the flap style sections and just adding something extra to the page. 

The scrapbook is a work in progress and the pages in the photos are not finished. I need to add her name and date of birth to the first page alongside the photos from the day she was born. I also need to add the time of her birth and her weight to the second page next to the photos from minutes after she was born. The pages are not necessarily in chronological order, I'm just putting photos that I think look good together on the pages and adding decoration to that.

I plan on adding some journal style writing to some of the pages as and where it fits or where I remember something specific that I want to note down. I want to do a page of 'family selfies' so that there is a specific space for the photos of the three of us together. I'm also planning a 'Christmas outfits' page as she wore so many cute clothes on the run up to and in the days following Christmas. Some of them she only managed to wear for photos before being sick all over them, which I will add to the page on a little note card. 

The last page has an interactive element in the form of a lift the flap with three photo's layered on top of each other. Underneath the third one is a tiny little space for a secret message, I'm not sure what I will write in that space yet but something will come to me I'm sure.

Did you find this post interesting? Would you like more scrapbook related content? I'm planning on a follow up post of where I got the photo's from so if you would like to see that then do let me know!

Love Laura xx

Monday, 11 June 2018

Top tips for new mums!

First of all, congratulations Mama! Welcome to what is going to be one of the biggest adventures of your life. I have been a Mama now for 6 months and whilst there have been many ups and downs, I can hand on heart say that having a baby is the best thing I have ever done. There is nothing quite like sniffing your baby’s head or watching them sleep or seeing them hit new milestones. Nothing is more rewarding or more difficult then raising babies! I wrote a post sharing the things I love best about being a Mum and you can read that here.

I also just want to add a little disclaimer and say that on this journey of navigating motherhood, you have to do what is best for you and your family. Mother knows best and what works for one person may not work for another. With that being said I have compiled a list of my top tips to help you on your way!

Vaseline is good for everything and in my opinion far better than Sudacrem (which made Emmy very sore). Put a thin layer on baby at every nappy change and it will make the next nappy much easier to clean. Especially those early tar like newborn nappies!

Ask for help. Sounds simple but in reality is very hard to do! When your family comes over to visit, ask them to make their own drinks, and make you one too whilst they’re at it! Also, since they are in the kitchen already, do they mind just washing up those few plates. It sounds cheeky but will help you so much! Plus, you’ve just had a baby! You need all the rest you can get! Which leads me nicely onto number three…

Sleep when baby sleeps (if possible). This is one that you will hear a LOT but if it works for you then it is a godsend. Emily spent the first 3 months of her life napping and sleeping only on me. This meant that if I was to get any sleep at all, I had to learn pretty quickly to sleep when she slept!

Muslin cloths are essential. I wrote a post about all the uses for a muslin which you can check out here. The gist of it is, they are amazing and you need them.

Pack a spare top for you in the baby change bag, and one for Daddy too if you’re feeling kind. Accidents do happen and they don’t always confine themselves to the clothes your baby is wearing. I’ve had to walk around covered in baby sick many times before learning this lesson!

Accept that you will receive advice you didn’t ask for, and you will probably be judged for whatever you do regarding your child. Just remember a happy mum is a happy baby and to do things your way. My mum is/was quite vocal about how I should raise Emily and the way I should be doing things and so far I have listened to none of her advice and Emmy is thriving! You know your baby better than anyone else, even health visitors can be misguided.

Above all else, just remember to soak up every moment you can, take lots of photos and videos. Take photos with you in them too, even if you feel you don’t look photo ready, you’ll want to remember every second you can.

Good luck mamas! You will do amazing and you are amazing.

Love Laura xx

Saturday, 9 June 2018

5 Things I Loved in May

Today I am joining in with my first linky, the #5thingslinky! I've never joined in with one before but I've been reading them for ages and I thought it's finally the time to stop lurking and join in! The 5 Things linky is run by Rachael and Georgia who both run fabulous blogs (click on their names and you will be taken to them), easily two of my favourites. To find the rules to this just hop on over to this post. Now without further ado, lets get into my five things!

May was quite a 'friend heavy' month which can always only be a good thing. As a mum I don't get to spend a lot of time with my friends because I'm on maternity leave and they work full time however May seemed to be the month where everyone just made time for each other. I joined my friends family for the day on Bank Holiday Monday and spent the day at a Family Fun Day in Lichfield which was just lovely!

Emily had a good run of going to bed and staying asleep long enough for her Daddy and me to watch a film together on the sofa. This is not something we get to do all that much anymore due to Daddy working shifts and as of recently, nights!

We had some lovely sunny days in May and this made me so happy! The winter has felt endless so it was lovely to have some hotter days. The only thing to make them better would have been if I actually owned any summer clothes. Nevermind, there's always next year!

This may seem like a silly one but I've been trying to cut down on the amount of sweets and chocolate I eat, as well as all the other unhealthy snacks. However I love snacking so I've been on the hunt for healthier things to snack on and dried mango ticks all the boxes. It's more expensive than a chocolate bar or a pack of sweets but it is oh so tasty! I've been loving pink lady apples again too!

Last but not least, Twitter. I've been loving twitter this month and have really seen some growth in my number of followers. I've been setting myself little monthly goals to achieve and I've been doing really well if I do say so myself. If you're not following me you can do so here.

So there we have it, the five things I've been loving in May! What have you been loving? Are you going to join in with this fab linky? Don't forget to check out all the other posts that have been linked and to come back next time to see what we've all been loving in June!

LALALAB Photo Printing Review

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